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Trader Joe’s Adventure

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So Trader Joe’s opened up about a year ago here in Utah and I had not gone for a visit. At first it was just the big crowds and them running out of food from the newness of the store and then it kind of was just not part of my regular routine.  Well last Saturday, “gangly boy” brought up going to Trader Joe’s. We keep getting their monthly Fearless Flyer in the mail and every time he reads through it he gets hungry.  So since it has been absolutely beautiful here in SLC, (70’s) it was the perfect day for a walk.  We decided to take advantage of the weather and living downtown and make the 3-mile round-trip walk. This was also a plus for monetary reasons, as the more I am going to have to carry on the walk home, the less I buy. So I made a list and stuck to it!

We just walked up and down each aisle looking at all the interesting yummy things. I didn’t end up getting everything I had hoped for but I think the bounty turned out pretty good for the first trip.


Every evening when I come home from work I walk past this tree in the park, the yellow leaves are so vibrant this time of year. It brings a smile to my face after a long work day.


After cooking dinner all week, I thought it would be nice to go out for an early dinner on Friday. I had been craving, Mexican, but wanted something a little different. We ended up going to Taqueria 27 and it did not disappoint.  It turned out to be more casual than I thought t was going to be, but I loved the simplistic trendiness of it.

My go to drink is a mojito. The mojito I ordered was delish, it had a hint of chocolate syrup, which made it very interesting and yummy.

The restaurant had about 6 different guacamole versions, it was so hard decide. I think I literally could have just got a sample plate of each one and just ate that and tortilla chips all night.

We ended up sharing the Roasted Guacamole with blackened sweet and spicy chilies, caramelized garlic, balsamic and herbs.

There were so many interesting tacos on the menu, but I ended up going basic and just got the grilled fish.


I wasn’t too hungry for desert, so I just nibbled on the boy’s dessert.


One of the things that I really liked about this restaurant was that everything tasted fresh and the portion sizes were perfect. It was nice to have just one plate of chips and guac brought to the table and not basket after basket. I also liked how you ordered whatever sides you wanted. This was I didn’t have to feel like I had to finish everything on my plate or was wasting food. We ended up just sharing a small cup of the cilantro lime rice.

Saturday, “the gangly boy” requested that I go and get more sourdough bread at Trader Joe’s. So I went again. Man not going on over a year since it opened and now twice in 7 days.


Yesterday, was supposed to be the last of the 70 degree weather and the last night before we change the clocks and it’s dark by 5 o’clock. We decided to take a walk around the capitol. We were not alone on our thinking, there were so many people out enjoying the weather and the last bits of daylight.


A lot of the leaves are pretty much all changed and a lot have fallen on the sidewalks and ground. Look at how massive the maple leaf on the left is. He must have ate his Wheaties😉




Have I mentioned how much I adore crunch leaves. Big piles of leaves reminds me of when I was little. My sister, brother, and I would rake mazes around the yard and then switch and try and get through each other’s leaf pile at the end. Well this fall something has just come over me and I get this giddy feeling every time I see tons of leaves. In the winter I always make snow angels. I have no issues with getting down and pretending I’m a kid again. So this time I decided to make a leaf angel. It was AWESOME! I was so happy afterwards, that I saw another huge pile of leaves and skipped through them, kicking them up. I’m sure all the cars driving by, thought I was just weird. But maybe it made them smile a little and reminded them of their childhood.




I just love walking around the capitol. Any time of year.



tricolored tree


The capitol is located up on a big hill and if the weather is right you can see the Great Salt Lake.


We decided to sit a while longer and watch the sunset as it will be a while longer before it’s light that late again.



Well I’m off to take our dinner out of the crock-pot and make some rice. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’ll leave you with this last cute image on our walk home.



If you shop at Trader Joe’s, what is your favorite item to get there?

What’s your favorite memory of fall from your childhood?

One thought on “Trader Joe’s Adventure

  1. The tree that you walk by is gorgeous! I have one but it’s pink/red at this time of year! It’s beautiful, in fact I have a picture of it on my blog. I know how you feel about leaves, it’s a shame though, here in England it’s too wet most of the time so we end up with soggy, rather than crunchy leaves

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