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Park City Weekender


The one thing that I do love about living in SLC, is that the mountains are just a quick 20-minute drive away. So this past weekend 36 hours were spent in Park City. I have been in need of some new jeans for sometime now, so the outlet mall in Park City was the place to go. For those of you who don’t know me, I hate to shop. I have to be in the mood, ya know? Luckily, I was in the mood and walked away with some new jeans, a few tops for work, and a new hiking t-shirt. Success! Shopping was followed by fish tacos at Loco Lizard (sorry no pictures, I was too famished by the time it came to even bother). 

This weekend was some time for a little mountain refresher for my soul and about Image


We found an amazing deal online for a hotel in Park City and could not pass it up. We stayed at the Yarrow Hotel. The room was spacious and our room overlooked the pool. What  I loved the most about it was that the town shuttle was just up the street a block, so it was easy to go and enjoy the city. 

ImageI love going out to new restaurants in new places, so the plan was to find a yummy place to eat downtown. Last May during the Blend Retreat while walking downtown with the girls I had remembered stopping in front of one restaurant to take a group picture. The restaurant was 501 ON MAIN I ended up eating there on Saturday and let me tell you it was amazing!


I knew when I walked in that I would like the restaurant. It was small, quaint and rustic. When I looked over the menu I instantly knew I wanted the lobster bisque and was not disappointed. Plus I have this weird thing for different shaped bowls and dishes. I got all excited when the bisque came in a cute little square bowl. 



Does the word bisque remind anyone else of Seinfeld? 

I am not a red meat person typically, but I had bison once before in Jackson Hole and loved it. I decided to get it here again and was pleased. My favorite part was that it was served on a Ciabatta bun, that just made it seem extra smancy ;-) 



My sweet tooth was calling for a little dessert so it was on to Java Cow for a pumpkin spice latte and some mini cupcakes. 



The red velvet with cream cheese frosting satisfied the tooth and we headed back out into the 30 degree weather to catch the bus. (Yes that’s right it is already cold in the mountains at night here in Utah)

There is something about sleeping in on Sunday that just brings a smile to my face. After finally getting ready, it was on the bus again in search of a fun breakfast spot. Did I mention how much I do love the free bus service in the fall. 



Once again, I have this thing were I know when I walk in, if  place is gonna be great and this breakfast place was no different. The Bridge restaurant is coined as American with Brazilian Flair, I was intrigued. The walls were painted in vibrant yellows and green that just woke you up and made you happy. I immediately fell in love with this painting on the wall and was so close to asking if they’d sell it too me. 



I have become a fan of eggs benedict, although I have to admit I don’t really like hollandaise sauce, so I always get it on the side and lightly drizzle. This eggs benedict was fresh and exactly what I wanted. It had tons of fresh spinach and tomatoes and the two little eggs were perfect, just the right amount of runny. And let’s just talk about the perfect view from our booth of the Town Lift Chair. I could have sat there all day and day dreamed. 


To prolong getting back to reality we decided to slower walk back up main street to catch the bus and of course stop by Java Cow again. :-) 



This time I got a caramel macchiato. Wow! I can definitely tell that I hardly ever drink this much caffeine. Boy, was I wired! Giggling and being loopy the whole way back. Speaking of smiling, don’t you just love to say “macchiato” It’s such a silly word that every time I say it I have to enunciate it really big. 




To prolong the journey back to reality,even more, we decided to take the scenic way back over Guardsman Pass to look for some fall colors. 



The aspen tree groves were perfectly golden and the mountain tops were dusted with snow. 



Well another great weekend was had, onto the next adventure!


Are there any words like “macchiato” that you think are just plain silly?

Where is your favorite place to see the fall colors?

4 thoughts on “Park City Weekender

  1. What a fun weekend! Love the good experiences, sleeping in on Sundays too and the quick getaway… Loved Park City during Blend and now have great memories of it! Congrats on the new blog too, Leslie!😀

  2. I loved Java Cow and the cute city of Park City! Also went there for Blend!

  3. I miss you! And Utah! So glad we are finally getting to see those amazing pictures! I so wish we could have checked out more of the restaurants in Park City when we were there……Those dishes look fab!

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